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Ten Pound Club Member

Dave Askelson

Location: Spirit Lake, Iowa

Date Caught:
May 9, 2003
Location Caught:
Big Spirit Lake, Iowa
Story: I was fishing and ahd caught several nice walleyesthe week before I had caught this one, so my buddy fishes the iowa trail tournament and he had asked me where I had been fishing at to catch all of these nice walleyes so I told him to meet me and I would take him there and to bring your wadders. So we had met that night after work and I took him to my spot and we started to fish and I had hooked into this huge walleye and he couldn't belive it. He told me that it went over ten pounds but I didnt think it would have so I took it in and weighed it sure enough it did. So I went back and told him whatt weighed and he told me congatulations. I was the happiest fsherman alive. I started to fish soe more and hooked into another one about the same size but I lost that one but It was so much fun just to beable to catch a walleye of that size. It will be a memory that I will never forget.

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