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Ten Pound Club Member

JP Bushey

Location: Barrie, ON I live about 30 miles south of Georgian Bay, in Barrie, ON, and fish all over Ontario as well as over the border in US waters. I work in Architectural Sales wih Marvin Windows (HQ in Warroad, MN) in Toronto, and have a Journalism degree. I do a lot of fishing and on-line/print writing and photography.

Date Caught:
December 6, 2003
15.7 Lbs.
Location Caught:
Bay of Quinte
Story: This one's from the Bay of Quinte, December 6, 2003. 15.7 pounds, released. We released 22 that day, from eight to thirteen pounds. We started the morning with a double, 9 and 11. The 15 ate a clown #9 Shad Rap. Tail Dancers, Ripsticks, Stretch Series, DD Husky Jerks and Long A's also work well. Tom Gustar's a regular in the Ten Pound Club, and is well-known for big fish in this area. Love the site and check it daily, especially before trips to the Detroit R.

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