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Ten Pound Club Member

Steven W. Birkeland

Location: Spokane Washington New to walleye fishing a year or so ago. So far have a 4.6 lb, a 9.7 lb and a 12 lb, 9 oz. Only the small one is mine, but the othert two I set up the tackle and drove the boat..

Date Caught:
August 20, 2013
12 Lbs. 9 oz.
Location Caught:
Lake Roosevelt, Spokane Arm, Washington
Story: We went fishing on Sunday to try to catch some of the elusive walleye in this lake. I decided to try a spot I have wanted to go to for a while. While there I used a Rapala shad rap in crawdad. I caught four in four passes over my spot, and my friend wanted to know what the heck I was using, so I loaned him a shad rap 7 in craw also. First pass over he gets a huge bite, and insists he has a snag. I grab the net and say, Thats no snag my friend. He starts towing it in. Takes a few minutes, even though the water is only 50' deep. It was 3pm or so on a nice sunny day that was 83 degrees. He hauls it to the surface and it starts fighting, and I dip the net and pull it out. I was jealous and shocked. Such a huge smile on his face. It was awesome.

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