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Ten Pound Club Member

Ron DeShais

Location: Columbia River

Date Caught:
May 26, 2009
16Lbs. 7ozs
Location Caught:
Columbia River, Oregon
Story: My wife and I arrived at Boardman, Oregon right on the Columbia River on Sunday the 10th of May for a week of Walleye fishing and the weather was great, 91' and very little wind. We were excited for the next dayís fishing, but that wasn't to be Monday and Tuesday winds were constant 30~40 MPH, no fishing those days. Wednesday we were able to get out on the water, but only caught two Walleye and only kept the larger one about 1 1/2 #'s and let the other one go. Thursday was windy again and we couldn't get out. My fishing partner Neil showed up late Thursday. We caught 6 walleye Friday and let one go. None were very big. As we were scheduled to leave on Saturday I hadn't planned on going fishing, but we had such a good time fishing, Neil and I decided to go out early Saturday morning and be in early enough to get packed up and home at a reasonable time. Neil and I were fishing in about 35' of water after not having much luck at 40~45'. I had caught a 2 pounder earlier in the morning, but they were not biting very well. We were bottom bouncing crawlers and trying a lot of the lures we had. I finally put on a black blade with gold and green specks with a chartreuse float and some red beads and one white bead in the front. This lunker hit softly and seemed more of just taking the bait and continuing casually swimming until I finally set the hook. Then the fun started. At first it seemed like a sturgeon (remember we are on the Columbia River-I caught a 60Ē 50+ pound sturgeon the week before) as it didnít want to come up. Then some head shaking and a couple of runs away from the boat before finally tiring out enough for Neil to net it. I was excited and wanted make sure I let the fish go in a healthy state so after weighing it I didnít want to take any more time measuring it before I let it go. I didnít have anything long enough anyway. After it was released it headed for the bottom instantly. So hopefully someone else will have the pleasure of catching her again. Weight from a Digital lip scale: 16 pounds 7 ounces Length: estimated at 36 ~ 38 inches Caught at: Boardman, OR between markers 47 and 49 Trolling speed: about 1.4 GPS Water Depth: about 35 feet Water temp: about 55 degrees Time caught: Neil says: 7:51 AM Air temp: about 60 degrees Day: Clear and Sunny

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