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Ten Pound Club Member

Wayne Wedge

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Fished since I was 5 years old in MB and ON. Manitoba Master Angler in Walleye, White Bass, Smallmouth, Channel Cat, Carp. Confirmed tiller driver.
Username: freespoolin

Date Caught:
April 27, 2008
Location Caught:
Red River, Manitoba
Story: Fish was caught Sept 21/91. I've caught several 10lbers since but this had most interesting story. We had fished Pine Falls in a.m., poor results so came to Selkirk at noon. Were driving south following a large cruiser which was making a big wake. We met a Zodiac and driver attempted to jump wake. He flipped out of the boat to the screams of his young daughters. The boat went around in a circle running over him before we could get there. When we pulled him into our boat we could see the prop had run up his back and cut his right arm to shreds. I took him to shore while by buddy stayed with the little girls. He had 18 hrs surgery and was off work for a year. After making police reports, we went fishing, I caught this fish at 2L30. A reward for plucking him from the water.

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