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Dennis Foster

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Put some life into your ice angling
January 8, 2017
Play around and work some of your own variations into the basics of this dead rod system and I do believe you will soon find yourself consistently livening up your catch rates.&
Come In From The Cold
November 28, 2016
What I have outlined are my opinions on just a couple of the more notable developments based on a relentless search and passion to use only the very best equipment available.
Good Things are Coming to Lake Oahe
March 7, 2016
While of the subject of competition, Oahe has also served as a spawning ground for and has led the way in the proliferation and popularity of modern day walleye fishing tournaments.
A Case to stay in Place
January 4, 2016
Yes, there is an advantage in numbers of lines set, but we must also realize that frequently and particularly in the case of big fish, that they are highly selective and simply prefer to lazily slurp down a large livebait rather than what they perceive as “chasing” an aggressively worked lure.
First Ice
November 18, 2015
Yes, the crowds are easy to spot and to follow. But, where is the fun, not to mention pride-in merely being a follower? For myself, the truly enjoyable aspect of fishing is to search for, find, and then figure out how to catch fish.
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