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Jason Mitchell

Jason is a professional fishing guide out of Woodland Resort on Devils Lake, ND. Besides guiding full-time, he has written several feature articles for numerous publications including Fur-Fish and Game, Dakota Country, Dakota Outdoors, Midwest Outdoors, Walleye Central and Fish and Game Finder.
Jason's Tips
Jason's Latest Articles
Dragging and Slow Trolling Plastics
May 11, 2017
As walleye anglers, we are conditioned to rig soft plastics on jigs for fishing below the boat or for pitching away from the boat. By simply changing our mentality, we can expand the uses for soft plastics dramatically if we fish these baits with a trolling mindset.
Opening Day Tactics
April 5, 2017
Steady progression of rising water temperatures and stable weather typically sees the classic patterns unfold on many fisheries and this predictableness works in the anglerís favor.
Early Season Checklist for Walleyes
March 13, 2017
I would dare say that much of the time, we find most fish close to the current seam where the aggressive fish are in the faster water and the rest of the fish are close to the seam.
Midwinter Panfish Adjustments
January 24, 2017
If you can force yourself away from the tried and true and force yourself to explore some new locations and find new fish that haven't been pressured, you are going to catch more and bigger fish.
Walleye on Demand
January 8, 2017
One of the greatest and most common mistake many anglers make when attempting to trigger a walleye with a lure is letting the lure settle too much between strokes.
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