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Bob Jensen

Join Bob Jensen and the "Fishing The Midwest Fishing Team" as they reveal how and where to catch more and bigger fish close to home. If you want to catch more walleyes, bass, panfish, northern pike, or catfish go to http://www.fishingthemidwest.com

Bob's Tips
Bob's Latest Articles
Walleyes Right Now
February 9, 2017
Late season is a great time to be on the ice. If you can get out, and if walleye season is still open where you live, take advantage of it.
Small Details For Bigger Fish
January 24, 2017
There are other things that you can do to increase your catch. Get away from the crowds, search out new areas that donít get as much attention, or try being on the ice earlier or later than other anglers.
Keep Warm When Fishing In Cold Weather
January 8, 2017
In years past, being outside in the winter was often a test of endurance. Today there is no reason to be cold when youíre outside.
Ice Fishing This Season
December 21, 2016
Keep your bait above the fish. Make them come up to eat it. As you lower your bait, watch it carefully and stop it several times before it gets to the bottom. As it falls, active fish will rise to it. If you see fish activity as the bait is falling, stop the bait.
Fishing Memories
November 13, 2016
To see all the most recent episodes of the Fishing the Midwest television series, new fishing related tips and fishing articles from the past, go to fishingthemidwest.com If you do Facebook, check us out for a variety of fishing related things.
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