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Bob Jensen

Join Bob Jensen and the "Fishing The Midwest Fishing Team" as they reveal how and where to catch more and bigger fish close to home. If you want to catch more walleyes, bass, panfish, northern pike, or catfish go to http://www.fishingthemidwest.com

Bob's Tips
Bob's Latest Articles
Fish Sideways
May 11, 2017
If you would like to add a technique to your fishing, especially for walleyes in the Midwest, fishing sideways with planer boards would be a good thing to do.
Experience Early Season Fishing Success
April 5, 2017
When youíre fishing with a slip-bobber for panfish, remember that because the bait is almost motionless, the fish are going to be able to get a good look at it.
Walleye Rod Ideas
March 13, 2017
While you can present a bait better with a rod designed for a particular presentation, you certainly donít need as many rods to go fishing as you do clubs to go golfing.
Catch Walleyes In Rivers Now
March 13, 2017
If youíre anxious to get the boat in the water, or if you prefer to put your waders on and get in the water, walleye fishing on rivers provides a great opportunity right now.
Walleyes Right Now
February 9, 2017
Late season is a great time to be on the ice. If you can get out, and if walleye season is still open where you live, take advantage of it.
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