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Frequently Asked Questions about Walleye Central Classifieds

NOTE: Your classifieds registration and your forum/website registration are two different registrations and both require a password. You can use the same password for both areas of the site.

Q: Who Do I contact for issues with my ad?
A: CONTACT US by sending an email to sales@walleyecentral.com and include your receipt/transaction number, ad details and a detailed explanation of your problem

Q: How do I view the classified section?
A: Click the "Search All Ads" link

Q: How do I search the classifieds?
A: Select your criteria from the drop down menus and click the "Filter" button. You can "Clear Filter" and select different criteria for another search. You can also sort by several different criteria using the drop down "Sorted By" menu.

Q: How can I expand the classifieds so that I can see the details all at one time instead of clicking the individual ad?
A: Click the checkbox in the red text to expand the ads.

Q: What is the little camera icon?
A: If you see a camera icon next to an ad, that ad has a picture or pictures associated with the ad. Click the camera to view the pictures.

Q: I cannot see the pictures, what is wrong?
A: You have a "pop up blocker" or an "ad blocker" running. The pictures "pop up" when you click the camera. You will need to allow pop-ups from Walleye Central to view the pictures. (there is no pop up advertising on Walleye Central)

Q: How much does it cost to list an ad?
A: 1 week $10 - 2 weeks $20 - 4 weeks $35 - 6 weeks $50

Q: How do I submit a classified ad?
A: Click the "Submit an Ad" link from the classified menu at the top of the page.

Q: I entered an ad and when I tried to "submit" the ad it didn't go through, what happened?
A: If you got a page full of gibberish about broken pipes and sockets then you have a firewall issue that is preventing you from sending that information to Walleye Central. You need to tweak you firewall settings to allow access to that page or temporarily disable your firewall, submit the ad and then turn your firewall back on.

To disable your firewall look in the bottom right corner of your screen (by the time stamp) and you probably have an icon that looks like a shield or a rubic cube. Hold the cursor over the icon and you will get a menu.

A: Your picture is too big, it's over the 10megabyte file limit. Try it without the picture and if it goes through then the picture is too large. If it still doesn't work, you have a firewall issue.

Q: I can't register.
A: You are not "accepting cookies".
If you cannot register, it's because you are not set to "allow cookies" and the system doesn't know who you are. Make sure you are set to "allow cookies"

Q: I entered an ad and when I tried to upload a picture and got an error message.
A: Make sure the form is filled out completely including all credit card information before you try to "update" the ad. If you got an error on the size of your picture you will need to resize your picture to less than 10 megabytes.

Give the picture time to upload. Depending on your connection speed this could take a few minutes and if it takes too long your ISP might see you as "inactive" and close your connection. If this happens, downsize the picture to a smaller file size and try it again.

Q: I want to make changes to my ad, what do I do?
A: Go to the classified link at the top of the page, click the "Edit Existing Ad" link. Login and make your changes.

Q: How do I extend my ad after the system has sent me a warning that my ad is ready to expire?
A: Go to the classified link at the top of the page, click the "Edit Existing Ad" link. Login and use the radio buttons to choose your extension.

Q: I sold my boat, how do I delete my ad?
A: Congratulations! Go to the "Edit Existing Ad" from the classified link at the top of the page and click the "delete" link or you may elect to leave it online and mark it as "SOLD" and it will automatically expire on the end date.

Q: What does the stat "Clicks" mean?
A: Clicks are the actual number of times that someone has "clicked" your ad. Meaning that many people have seen your ad. I put that there to help sell the boat.
If your ad has been "clicked" hundreds of times and you have not received many emails or phone calls then you are probably priced to high and this should be an indicator to adjust accordingly to be more competitive.

Q: How do I move my ad back to the top of the page?
A: You have to "renew" your ad to move it back to the top of the page. Editing your ad will not move it to the top.

Q: How do I update my personal information?
A: Click the Classifieds link at the top of the page. Click "Edit Existing Ad" and then login. You will see the link to edit your profile above you ad and below the header.r.

Q: I just can't make it work, what now?
A: Send me an email, the link is at the bottom of the page. We'll get it online one way or another.

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