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2011 Tournament News
Diegel and Steffen Win MWC Cass Lake by Keri Solis

In a very close finish, Travor Diegel and Paul Steffen weighed in ten fish over the past two days that weighed a total of 28.64lbs to take the win at the MWC Cass Lake tournament and a check for $11,100.

They were fishing Pike Bay where they had dedicated their prefishing.  They were pulling Northland Gold Shiner Spinners with leeches at 1.0-1.3mph.


While yesterday was great fishing with six overs, today they only caught seven fish total.

The team was grateful for the wind, because it gave an action to their rods that mimicked something they discovered while prefishing. Prior to the tournament if they would drop their bottom bouncer down to the sand and then pull it forward they would get bit. Bouncing in the waves gave the rods that same surging action.

While smaller leeches were catching 16 inch fish, the bigger fish were coming on jumbo leeches. Today they ran out of jumbos at 10am, so they tried Berkley Jumbo Leeches and caught a 24 inch fish on one of them.

They focused on 25-45 feet of water with leaders that were 4-6 feet long. They were running 2 and 4oz bottom bouncers. The Lowrance structure scan played a huge role in their success. At times they would mark fish, but if they put it on regular sonar they wouldn’t see them.

“We were so close so many times, it’s a great feeling to finally win” said Diegel.

In second place were Dan Fuller and Pat McSharry with ten fish for 28.39lbs. Yesterday started off with a slow morning, with most of their fish coming from 11-2pm. Today also started slow with only three fish in the livewell at noon.

In the afternoon they made a move and got on a good school, catching 25-30 fish. While they were able to cull through a lot of unders, their overs were only 22 and 24 inches. They were rigging red tails and creek chubs on the main lake of Cass.

Maintaining their speed was important as was focusing on the area that the strong south wind was blowing into.

This was the final regular season stop for the MWC. The next MWC event will be the championship in October on the Mississippi River out of Prairie du Chien, WI.




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