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Ranger Boats Ranger Boats Brings Added Value to Tournament Anglers with New Ranger
The Ranger Cup Package delivers simplicity and value with pre-installed features and components necessary for anglers to perform their best in competitions. by Ranger Boats
Bob Jensen Keep Warm When Fishing In Cold Weather
In years past, being outside in the winter was often a test of endurance. Today there is no reason to be cold when you’re outside. by Bob Jensen
Jason Mitchell Walleye on Demand
One of the greatest and most common mistake many anglers make when attempting to trigger a walleye with a lure is letting the lure settle too much between strokes. by Jason Mitchell
Dennis Foster Put some life into your ice angling
Play around and work some of your own variations into the basics of this dead rod system and I do believe you will soon find yourself consistently livening up your catch rates.& by Dennis Foster
Bob Jensen Ice Fishing This Season
Keep your bait above the fish. Make them come up to eat it. As you lower your bait, watch it carefully and stop it several times before it gets to the bottom. As it falls, active fish will rise to it. If you see fish activity as the bait is falling, stop the bait. by Bob Jensen
Tournament News NWT 2017 Schedule
Cabela's National Walleye Tour Announces 2017 Schedule by Cabelas NWT
Mike Worley Walleye Fishing Southern Impoundments in Winter
This is the main part of winter, the shad have been stressed to the point of starting to die off in large numbers at the lower end of this temperature range. This is the time of year to cast suspending stickbaits that imitate a dying shad. by Mike Worley
John Kolinski Table Manners
It may be a little chilly on the water, but there are some outstanding open-water opportunities out there in early winter. by John Kolinski
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12.7 Lbs.

Tyler Johnson
Fort Peck Reservoir, MT

Dale MC Farland
Salmon Falls Creek, ID
10 lbs

Dale MC Farland
Salmon Falls Creek, ID
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Panther T-5

Arrowhead Beer

Skarlis Secret

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01/18 Articles
Ranger Boats Brings Added Value to Tournament Anglers with New Ranger
01/17 Ten Pound Club
New Entry Tyler Johnson
01/08 Ten Pound Club
New Entry Jim Lodermeier
01/08 Ten Pound Club
New Entry Jim Lodermeier
01/08 Ten Pound Club
New Entry Jim Lodermeier
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