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Ted Pilgrim Tip-Up Trends on Ice
We want bait that really kicks; the critters that swim in huge arcs below the ice, pulling in predators like a lab working a field for pheasants. by Ted Pilgrim
Bob Jensen Trust Your Depth Finder For More Ice Fishing Success
Last thought for now: When a school of fish is on the screen right below you and they won’t bite what you’re showing them, show them something else. Try a different color, try a different size, try a different action: Just try something different. There’s no need to keep showing them something that they don’t want to eat. by Bob Jensen
Mitch Eagan Ice Fishing Over the Edge
If you're looking to land a limit of fish early in the ice-fishing season, just remember to stop and take a look around before drilling that first hole. Features seen on the surface of the icescape will often tell you where to start. by Mitch Eagan
Jason Herter Guide-Proven Walleye Plays For Early Ice
One of the biggest mistakes anglers make is letting their bait get too wild. Position the right size and weight split-shot on the leader to act as a fulcrum to pin the bait and define a strike window. You’ve gotta remember, a fish’s metabolism slows in winter. by Jason Herter
Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson Sound and Walleyes: Good or Bad?
We have talked to scuba divers who have clicked rocks together on the bottom only to find fish swimming in close to investigate. Our theory is that these fish are approaching the source of the sound in order to feed on the perpetrator, by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
Jason Mitchell Observations on the Ice Walleye Scene
There are so many times where the fish want the lure moving, they lose interest if you back off the tempo or cadence. Electronics have taught us that. A pretty solid game plan is to start out with an aggressive presentation especially during prime time windows like sunrise and sunset or when fishing new water. by Jason Mitchell
Garmin Garmin® Announces New echoMAP™ Series
“The new echoMAP units have our precision scanning sonar technology built directly into the chartplotter, giving you the clearest scanning sonar on the market without the need for additional hardware,” by Garmin
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27 Nov 2014 at 8:57am (blog)

Lake Erie walleye fishing full of surprises -- Fishing Report for Nov. 28 (blog)
With warmer temperatures forecast for the weekend, look for another surge in walleye fishing action all along the Lake Erie shoreline. The recent snows and rain had kicked up river levels, and while some Lake Erie tributaries are still high and muddy ...

and more »

17 Nov 2014 at 5:04pm Press (blog)

Upper Red Lake walleye fishing: Minnesota blasts thru quota, DNR tightens ... Press (blog)
Unsustainable commercial netting by American Indians and overfishing led to a collapse of walleye stocks in both Upper and Lower Red Lake in the late 1990s. The lakes were stocked and closed to walleye fishing until 2006, when populations had recovered ...
New winter walleye rules for Upper Red LakeKARE

all 14 news articles »

4 Nov 2014 at 7:38pm

Port Clinton News Herald

Walleye fishing picking up when weather is good
Port Clinton News Herald
PORT CLINTON ? Fall walleye fishing is picking up as the fish return from the colder waters of the Central Basin to feed and build up fat for the winter, a bait store owner said. When anglers can get out, they've been having some success catching ...
Timing, equipment keys for catching early ice walleyesFergus Falls Daily Journal

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20 Nov 2014 at 11:31am


Mille Lacs walleye lawsuit against DNR heads to appeals court
Minnesota Public Radio News
He said the department has crippled the lake's walleye population, and his business. When the DNR announced regulations temporarily banning night fishing early this spring, Eno had to call dozens of regular customers to cancel their night reservations.
Appeals court hears Mille Lacs walleye heritage caseKARE
Mille Lacs walleye lawsuit: Court hears Press
DNR NEWS BRIEFSInternational Falls Journal
Rick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews -CBS Local
all 28 news articles »

21 Nov 2014 at 1:18am

Shabbona Lake walleye population helped by donations, fishing derby fees
DeKalb Daily Chronicle
The fish drop was no mistake. Failla stumbled upon an annual event where park staff use donations and fishing derby fees collected during the year to replenish the walleye stock in the 318-acre lake. This year, they raised $3,000, enough to add about 1 ...

and more »

1 Nov 2014 at 4:33pm

St. Cloud Times

Getting the soft water walleye fishing opportunities on borrowed time
Park Rapids Enterprise
Years with open water and palatable weather conditions, I have experienced some of the best walleye fishing for trophy classed fish. Trolling is the best method. For starters, get on the water a hour or so before dark and plan to stay out until the ...
Big Minnesota lakes getting ready for ice fishingSt. Cloud Times

all 2 news articles »

15 Nov 2014 at 8:10am

The Plain Dealer - (blog)

Casting from the Lake Erie piers, breakwalls after dusk a bonus for local ...
The Plain Dealer - (blog)
HURON, Ohio ? Hundreds of fishermen crowd the Lake Erie piers and breakwalls after the sun goes down at this time of year, lured by the excellent walleye fishing they can often find from Cleveland to the Bass Islands, and beyond. Anglers don't need a ...

11 Nov 2014 at 9:39pm

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Lake Minnetonka resident leads effort to restock lake with walleye
Minneapolis Star Tribune
?We're trying to create a legendary walleye fishery right in our own back yard,? said Johnny Range, who started the Westonka Walleye Program last year, frustrated with decades of finding few or no walleyes in the lake. ?It gives local anglers a reason ...
Mound man tackles effort to stock walleye in Lake MinnetonkaRick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews

all 2 news articles »

28 Oct 2014 at 8:31pm

Port Clinton News Herald

The fishing report: Walleye bite near Vermilion
Port Clinton News Herald
Some fish have been caught 5 miles northwest of Vermilion, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Fish Ohio Report. They're using trolling spoons, deep-diving crankbaits and shallow-diving crankbaits, according to ODNR. Walleye fishing ...

31 Oct 2014 at 7:24pm

Westonka Program Aims To Make Minnetonka A Better Walleye Destination
CBS Local
MOUND (WCCO) ? The boating season has pretty much ended on Lake Minnetonka, but to one group of anglers what they did Friday will pay off next summer. They're with the Westonka Walleye Program, a private effort to improve walleye fishing close to ...
Community Group Stocks Lake Minnetonka with

all 3 news articles »

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Trust Your Depth Finder For More Ice Fishing Success
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Sound and Walleyes: Good or Bad?
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Guide-Proven Walleye Plays For Early Ice
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